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CLASSIC MODELS of the 70's, 80's & 90's
  1. Christy Canyon - Classic porn star of the 80's and 90's now producing her own erotic movies. These stills are collectors items.
  2. Danni Ashe - Everybody knows Danni. She is a top model with the most famous authentic boobs in the world today. Photos that helped her hit the big time.
  3. Chasity - A beautiful model wanted by all the best photographers. She disappeared from the business too soon. These stills are collectibles.
  4. Sara St. James - Perhaps the most beautiful American nude model ever photographed. These photos capture the vulnerability of her earliest nude shoots.
  5. Linda Johansen - A Nordic beauty who found the US too frantic to stay long. We discovered what the Vikings were fighting for. Truly rare photos.
  6. Tara Monroe - The little sister of porn legend 'Tami Monroe.' Rarely photographed and more beautiful than her famous sister, she evaporated from the erotica business after only a brief career.
  7. Sandra Scream - This early 90's porn celebrity was drop dead gorgeous. She burned brightly then faded from the scene. Rare photo sets.
  8. Nancy Suiter - Famous 1970's porn legend who starred with John Holmes and Serena in the classic 'Taxi Girls.' Currently she is the featured character in a very popular erotic comic book. Lots of rumors about her disappearance.
  9. Louisa Shipper - A Dutch treat who swapped her clogs for spiked heals. Made men crazy here and decided to go back to her homeland to make the men crazy there. Rare photos from her US period.
  10. Jill Dershon - Famous nude centerfold model who appeared in all the top magazines of the 1970's. Considered as having the most 'beautiful frame' in her time.
  11. Tamara Lee - Top porn star of the 80's. So popular she was being stalked by fans of both sexes. She ran from the world of erotica desperately seeking obscurity. She found it. Very rare photos.
  12. Lana Melnikova - Formerly an agent for the KGB, who found her way into the world of nude photography after the collapse of the USSR; and then romantically disappeared in a London fog.
  13. Andrea - A Hungarian Rhapsody who showed up in the late 90's, charmed us with her cute accent and sexy butt and then, poof, she was gone, back to her homeland. Very rare photos.
  14. Jasper - With a dynamite body and a super set of buns, this California honey made us all nuts as she satisfied herself on a bed. She quit the business too soon.
  15. Sidney - Wildly uninhibited, this raven haired sexpot loved the camera...and the camera loved her. Get your prints while you still can!
  16. Jovanna - We were among the few lucky lensmen who got to shoot this small and sexy model, a mix of French, Panamanian, African and Brazilian, before she disappeared...really quick. These stills are true collector's items.
  17. Carolyn Monroe - Originally from the midwest, this extremely popular, statuesque porn goddess started her career in 1991. We didn't shoot her until 1998. Last we heard, she is now directing her own adult film line overseas.
  18. Martine - A wild and crazy redhead who blew in from France in the late 80's, then blew back out just as she was starting to make a name for herself. We miss you, Martine!
  19. Erica Roberts - On a sizzling summer day in 1996, the long-haired, sultry and exotic Erica steamed up the neighborhood with a hot carwash...and let us film it. You'll want your own glossies of this event.
  20. Heather Torrance - A sexy blonde tart, the type you dream about running away from home with. Throw caution to the winds.
  21. Ashley Lauren - We wrapped her up in red ribbon and had her pop up out of a box, like a Special Delivery present. You'll want your own set of prints on this one.
  22. Michelle Bauer - We shot her in 1980, before she became a Scream Queen star of B-movies with titles like Chainsaw Hookers, Assault of the Party Nerds, and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama.
  23. Trinity Loren - Huge, natural boobs and an uninhibited bouncy body made her a fan favorite. Sadly, she died in 1998 of a prescription drug overdose. Collectable photos.
  24. Erin O'Bryn - Sure and begora! No sooner had she done a few magazine shoots, then the sprightly lass was whisked away by gremlins, back to the old emerald isle. We miss you, Erin!
  25. Crystal Breeze - An Irish, Italian and Scottish hottie who made a lot of movies between 83 and 87, at which time she retired. Her second cumming came in 1995.
  26. Tera Patrick - Photos of the incredible Eurasian from Montana, taken before she ever became a huge porn star. One of a kind.
  27. Vienna - This black beauty with the nice ass will leave you wanting to see more. Go for it, we've got the photos!
  28. Shanna - This sizzling star of the 1983 adult hit FleshDance left a lot of horny fans behind when she moved back to her country way too soon. These photos are collector's items.
  29. Vanessa - Former assistant to the amazing Danni Ashe, who decided she wanted to become a model too! Wholesome outdoor type.
  30. Veronica - She left her clogs in Amsterdam and came to L.A. to model, but she only stayed a minute. One of a kind photos.
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